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At Realty Logan - The Real Deal In Real Estate

It's undeniable that the best results in real estate come from dedicated vendors and motivated buyers, when you bring the two together, you get great results.

Why choose auction over private treaty sales?
In our experience, vendors become frustrated and disillusioned with their real estate experiences when their properties sit on the market too long.

This will come about from a number of factors, including lack of marketing, poor presentation on the marketplace, and most importantly, lazy real estate agents, not willing to have to tough conversations with vendors about these matters and other impacting considerations.

When you finally find a real estate agent who is willing to have these conversations with you and does have the best interests of their client in mind, you will invariably find that they are in great demand and for their success, you will discover that they are not the "cheapest" but they will be the "best in the marketplace" or like At Realty Logan, one of the "most trustworthy and professional in the industry".

"The cheapest real estate agent, will often be the most costly in the end. Cutting corners and reliance on a quick pushy sale of your property is how they get paid"

Our advice to vendors on the appointment of agents is to consider these points prior to appointment;

Did you like the Logan real estate agent?

If you found yourself having trust in the agent, there is every chance that they are in fact trustworthy, additionally, buyers, investors, and developers are almost certain to feel the same.

Do you trust the real estate agent?

At Realty Logan Director Brian Newman is an agent people know and trust. Brian and his family are heavily involved in the business of trust and confidence.

Brian has studied property law, contract law and urban planning law at Griffith University and he and his family have been involved in buying, selling, designing and developing real estate in the Logan area since the 1980's.

Brian is a qualified justice of the peace and holds numerous tertiary qualifications, all of which are founded on the premise of trust and confidence in the law and investigation industries.

If you have a doubt about what the real estate agent is telling you, so will a buyer.

Sometimes even the dodgy real estate agent can jag a big number sale, that doesn't entitle them to your trust and confidence. Don't be fooled by fast talk and pushy sales tactics.

Commission rate

If your real estate agent's commission rate is too low, RUN!!!

Likewise, if your real estate agent's commission is too high, ask them why.

For example, when Brian Newman and At Realty Logan make a listing presentation, Brian explains his commission rate to potential vendors like this;
"If you want the cheapest, I'm not the real estate agent in Logan for you. If you want a real estate agent with a solid support team you can have trust and confidence in to handle your real estate affairs in Logan, I'm a solid choice for you."
Brian never claims to be the best, he thinks that's just a silly and desperate statement to make.

So why auction over private treaty?

The simple truth is, properties sell faster and when they are marketed right, with a respectable marketing campaign, administered by a local Logan real estate agent you know and trust, the result can very possibly exceed your expectations.

To find out more about our services or to arrange a time for Brian and his team to appraise your property for auction or private treaty, please give At Realty Logan a call. | 07 3807 3807 |  

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